Your Stupid Questions

Some people say there are no stupid questions. Well, you know what what we say? Whoever said that is an idiot. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get.

About Our Store

1. I've never heard of you guys, can you tell me about yourselves?

We're DTMWTD, which stands for Don't Tell Me What To Do. We make shirts and stuff because we're not very fond of people telling us what to do. We have a whole mission statement and everything in the about us section of the site, you should check it out.

2. Ok. And what does DTMWTD stand for?

Are you serious? We just told you that...

3. Is your site safe?

As opposed to most of the other dirty holes you shove that credit card of yours in, yeah, it's safe. Among other things, our site has SSL encryption, and is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. So, unlike Clinton's email server or Trump's old-ass twitter phone, our stuff is actually secure.

4. Is your clothing vegetarian friendly?


5. Do you accept PayPal?

If it were 1995, and we were idiots, we wouldn't. But it's not, and we aren't, so we do. You can choose the Paypal option during the checkout process.

6. Do you accept Bitcoin and/or Ether?

Yes, we also accept Bitcoin and Ether. Mainly because it's money, but more importantly because this is America.


Shipping & Returns

1. My order never arrived.

Ok no problem. First off, take a deep breath and think happy thoughts. Now, ask yourself exactly how long has it been since you placed your order? As much as we'd love to be able to drone-drop-ship your order in 27 minutes like some of the big eCommerce sites, unfortunately we live in the real world. Our orders are produced in order of being received, and sometimes we run into backlogs during the production process. Check your order confirmation email for the tracking number, and look that up to see the order status. If you can't figure out how to do that (or you're just too lazy), then mash that big paw you call a hand on your keyboard and send us an email with your order information. We'll look into it for you.

2. So how long do orders usually take?

Production and processing can take up to 5 days, followed by a few days shipping time depending on where it's going. On average, it takes about 7-8 days for us to make you a brand new shirt completely from scratch and deliver it to your door anywhere across the country. If we tried that 100 years ago we would've been burned at the stake as witches or our postman would have died from dysentery before he got to you.

3. My order is incomplete/damaged

Sometimes orders are shipped out in partial shipments. This means if you ordered a lot of items they may not all arrive at the exact same time. If your order is damaged, then we're sorry about that, but sometimes ish happens. Send us an email with your information and we'll sort it out for you.

4. I'm not happy with my order, because of reasons.

You know who else isn't happy with their order? Starving kids in Africa. They don't even have food, let alone enough disposable income to order clothing from their phone while they browse facebook on the toilet. Maybe you should focus more on the positive things in life (like not having to worry about your village being raided by warlords) before you complain about some mundane detail. Stop being such a crybaby.

5. No, seriously, I'd like to return my order.

Fine. Send us an email on the contact page with your information and we'll help you out. Anything else we can do while we're at it? Shine your shoes? Wax your car? Just let us know, since obviously the world only revolves around you.