Black Bird Raglan (3 Colors)

Heather Grey/Black
Heather Grey/Heather Charcoal

Do you like birds? Well f you. This isn't some run-of-the-mill love bird, this is a blackbird. Scholars maintain the translation for blackbird was lost thousands of years ago, but everyone knows the name originally began from the pirate Blackbeard. He enlisted the aide of these bad-ass-birds to help find his way home after an exhausting voyage of pirating and pillaging. These birds didn't follow the flock, they don't carry a tune, they pave their own path.

Are you not good enough to play baseball but want to pretend you are anyway? Then boy have we got a the shirt for you. This classic baseball raglan is a combined cotton blend that makes it super duper soft, almost uncomfortably comfortable, and amazingly lightweight it feels like you're wearing nothing at all (stupid sexy Flanders).

• ¾ Sleeve raglan shirt
• Poly-cotton blend (50% polyester, 50% combed cotton)
• Ribbed neckband